Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Music anyone? SchizoPhobia calling....

So this is a blog huh? Might as well start right out of the gate with my own music web site plug. I 'm a computer tech by trade and home studio musician by night. Been writing, recording, playing, singing, stressing, burning out songs for the past decade for your listening pleasure. And herrrre's the site:

My band consiting of me, myselves, and I dubbed SchizoPhobia. Catchy name eh? And....there's nothing clinically diagnosing me as a schizo and no....I'm not afraid of schizophrenics. I've already gotten the strangest questions as a result of the name. I just wanted something different that appeals to the eyes (and hopefully the ears). And since I've always had a play on words, SchizoPhobia just sounded perfect to me.

I'm not sure where I would classify this musically as I've been into everything from Mozart to Megadeth so I'll let the listeners make the call. My favorite comment was "Some songs sound like the Beatles when they got WEIRD" lol. But to each his/her own. I've never been one to quit my day job and let everything ride on music. But it's a fun way of release for me when I want to put my thoughts into song.

Anyways...that's it for now. Just putting myself out there for all to listen.